About Us

JARIN K is a luxury costume jewelry collection designed out of New York. 

The line is inspired by the finest high jewelry collections of today while incorporating vintage design aesthetics found in the salons of auction houses around the world. Echoing the cutting edge vogue of the early 20th century, the styles incorporate silver, brass, natural gemstones and the world's finest diamond simulants that reflect classical beauty with decided modernity.

The JARIN K pieces bear a signature costume look, but feel like fine jewelry. Each piece is hand-set and hand-cut, making the manufacture of this collection very precise, very unique, and very striking. 

The JARIN K elitist class team has designed pieces worn by celebrities and socialites alike, and is actively featured in high-end fashion publications such as Vogue, InStyle, and Harpers Bazaar.

Member of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.